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Before and After

Here are just a few examples of some jobs we have completed over the years. Viewing them side by side with our before and after slider makes noticing the improvements and changes much easier.

Take a look for yourself.

This customer was experiencing patchy areas in his back garden. This was due to a combination of his pet dog and also the hot summer we experienced starving the grass of water.

Now he has our Natural 40mm artificial grass installed, this problem will never reoccur.

This customer had a large back garden which he was tired of mowing so regularly. A garden of this size requires a lot of attention and maintenance.

Now he has a stunning looking garden with our Savanna 30mm artificial grass, his gardening and maintenance days can be forgotten about.

This school had a large area they wanted to fill that was safe for the children to play on as well as entertaining for them.

We fitted shock padding throughout the area and laid our Mediterranean 25mm artificial grass on top. This provided a natural grass look with the benefit of no muddy footprints and no bruised knees.

We also installed a racetrack for the children to play on.

Happy kids and happy teachers!

Another patchy garden replaced with a healthy looking artificial lawn finished off nicely with some sleeper work to both sides.

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