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When it comes to designing the perfect garden, everybody is different. Which is why most of our customers already have an idea in their head upon making an enquiry.

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However this isn't always the case, designing a garden isn't as simple as you may think and we often get asked to design it for people.


For larger and more complicated makeovers, we provide a Computer-Aided Design (CAD).


CAD Design is a modern way of getting a true visualisation of your dream garden before it gets installed.

We use a complex software to draw and recreate the exact area onto a screen. We then proceed to edit and design a garden to show the customer.

Firstly, we take photographs and accurate measurements of the specified area


This then gets passed onto our CAD production team who piece together a design based on ideas the customer has given.


This then gets sent to the customer.

If they aren't 100% happy with it then more adjustments can be made.


Once a final edit has been agreed, we can price exactly how much it will cost and get a quote sent over to the customer.


If our customer is happy with the quote, we can get started with the installation :)

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CAD Examples

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For this project, our customer had a few ideas in mind. She knew she wanted a new fence, she knew she wanted artificial grass to replace her current lawn and she knew she wanted some nice new paving.

As for the layout and the materials she wanted, she needed some help.

This is where a our CAD came in very handy.


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These are the ideas we presented to our customer.

We try to capture every angle of the garden so they can get a true feel for what it is going to look like.

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After presenting our ideas to the customer and getting her approval, we could start the work.

The CAD made the installation process much easier for us, our installation team and our customer.

We all knew exactly what to expect from start to finish.

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