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Our Installation Methods

Premium Installation

Lifetime guarantee on workmanship

10 year manufacturer backed guarantee on grass range

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At Lawn Perfection we

pride ourselves on our Premium Artificial Grass installation. Our

skilled teams have perfected this installation method over the past 10 years, and as such we are proud to offer a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship and a 10 year guarantee on our

grass range.

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We will then

build a framework around

the perimeter of your garden

which will retain our high quality

sub-base. Our team will then lay down

a thick compacted stone layer offering a solid foundation to your new lawn. On

top of this is laid a non-absorbent 

grit sand layer, which is

compacted and


Our installation team will dig out your garden approximately 80-100mm (depending on ground level) removing existing grass and soil, and dispose of it off site.

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Before the

grass is laid, the sub-base

is finished with a high quality,

geo-textile non-woven membrane

to prevent any weeds growing through

your new lawn. Our Premium

Installation Service will alleviate

most common drainage issues

in your garden, and ensure

the ground is level. 

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Finally our skilled

team will roll out your

chosen Lawn Perfection

Artificial Grass, and cut it to

shape. The grass is then tightly

secured to the perimeter

framework which is

hidden from view

below the grass. 

Standard Installation

1 year guarantee on workmanship

Our Standard Installation is suitable for domestic gardens where drainage isn't a problem, and you are looking to keep costs down, whilst still benefiting from a beautiful lawn.

10 year manufacturer backed guarantee on grass range

Compacted Grit Sand on top of our thick MOT base

As with our Premium Service, our team will dig out your garden, removing any existing grass and soil, and disposing of this. We will then build a frame around the perimeter of your garden using tanalised timber battens to retain the sub-base.

The ground will be levelled and a layer of non-absorbent grit sand is then added to act as a soft, level base to your new lawn. The final layer before the grass is rolled out is our high quality geo-textile non-woven membrane to prevent any unwanted weeds growing through your new garden. 

Finally, once the base is installed, our skilled fitters will then install your new Lawn Perfection grass, cutting this to shape and securing it to the perimeter frame - which cannot be seen as it is underneath the new lawn. 

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