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Allure PU

Allure PU

Allure PU�s 40mm pile height is nothing but dense, squishy, soft and an absolute pleasure to touch. Its natural two tone field mix give the effect of a well-kept British summer lawn.


Not just a pretty face � Allure PU has the �PU� part of its name because of its polyurethane backing, this makes this product something special. PU backed products have many benefits � from a customer perspective the PU is beneficial due to its fast draining in comparison to the standard latex competition, it doesn�t hold liquid meaning odour from pet urine will not be absorbed.


From an installation perspective it is much more flexible when fitting, the backing is easier to shape and cut and it will be much simpler to sell to customers!


This grass really has it all!

  • Available Widths: 2m / 4m

    Available Backing: Polyurethane

    Yarn Type - Diamond Shaped PE & Curly PP

    Gauge - 3/8�

    Stitches/10cm - 26

    Density - 27300 points /m�

    Dtex - 8200

    Pile Weight - 2000g / m�

    Total Weight - 2720g / m�

    Pile Height - 40mm

    Backing - UV resistant cloth & non-woven fabric


    All rights reserved to alter technical specifications

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