Prima 35

Prima 35

Prima 35 is an extremely unique product. It has an incredibly high thatch which gives the grass a lovely thick feel, this also helps support the grass blades and maintain its natural upright position.


Prima is like no grass you�ve ever felt, it really has to be felt to be fully appreciated! It offers, what can only be described as, a soft gooey feel. This makes the grass perfect to lie on during a hot summer�s day.


Not only does this grass feel brilliant, it looks stunning and will suit any surrounding with its bright lime and dark field mix.

  • Available Widths: 2m / 4m

    Available Backing: Latex

    Yarn Type - Diamond Shaped PE & Curly PP

    Gauge - 3/8�

    Stitches/10cm - 30

    Density - 27300 points /m�

    Dtex - 10000

    Pile Weight - 1900g / m�

    Total Weight - 2820g / m�

    Pile Height - 40mm

    Backing - UV resistant cloth & non-woven fabric


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